Dear Reader,

As we remember the Reformation another time this year, the sons and daughters of the Reformers need encouragement to hold on and not lose heart. The pressures to give up, sell out and make common cause with enemies of the Reformation are all around us. If only the call to change was overt and explicit. No, we cannot fall back into complacency for the dangers are subtle and attractive. Perhaps you have heard something like this:

The Reformed have to compromise because the passage of years have changed the relationship between Roman Catholicism and the Protestant world. Rome really isn’t that bad anymore. Just look, there’s a new, charming, more open Pope! Besides, the forces of secularism are mounting a major push against Christianity and Christian civilization and we need to put old doctrinal disputes to one side. The times are desperate and we have to unite with Roman Catholics against the onslaught of a more militant secularism.

Hopefully you can see through this deceptive call and not allow important issues to roll into one historic panic. Rome still holds to a false gospel, still adds to the word of God and still corrupts Christian worship with many serious abuses. Civilizations in crisis aren’t going to wipe away the Reformation’s conflict with Rome. Let’s reject the false dilemma. There are options besides joining Rome in her errors on the one side and turning a blind eye to the course of the world on the other.