Who knew you could write a plan to fix the PCA…


… that’ll fit on a sticky note? It’s even a plan that would save the church money. Too bad it isn’t cool or impressive in the world’s eyes. From Darryl Hart:

The lesson may be that the PCA needs to go from being the Southern Baptist Convention to a truly Reformed church where ministers (even celebrated ones), congregations, presbyteries, and agencies all recognize that they are already partners in a common enterprise regulated by Presbyterian polity, Calvinist theology, and Reformed worship.

The PCA seems very far from this plan after observing this year’s GA. Sadly, the PCA has taken a step away from Reformed catholicity by tolerating two novel practices in the observance of the Lord’s Supper. They are Paedocommunion (the promotion of this view was allowed to stand in one presbytery) and intinction (a practice that appears widespread in the PCA and an amendment against the practice failed to come to the GA for a final vote. Too few presbyteries endorsed prohibition of the practice). These are just two of the contested issues this year. Well, I suppose many commissioners took to heart the sermon of the outgoing moderator: “Conservatives are mean, grumpy people who aren’t on board with what God is doing in the church today” [my summary]. You can find the sermon somewhere in here.


One Response to “Who knew you could write a plan to fix the PCA…”

  1. Greg Says:

    I did listen to Dr. Ross’ talk.

    Curious thing was this taken from Aquila:

    Loving Communication
    Seminar Speakers: Dr. Mike Ross, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Presbyterian, Matthews, NC
    Dr. George Robertson, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA
    Rev. James Kessler,Associate Pastor, Northwest Presbyterian Church, Dublin, OH

    Three generations of PCA pastors will discuss how to implement “The Law of Love” in the life of our Church. Mike Ross, George Robertson and James Kessler will discuss the issues of civility, generational differences, communication, and how to make the PCA a safer and more civil place.

    Recognize the names “Kessler” and “Robertson”? Those two were named in an Aquila post in March regarding the “National Partnership”, that secret, errrrr, I mean “confidential” PCA subgroup. Funny thing is that we never got any type of “response” (as far as I know, and I looked for it) from either of them regarding the exposure of their plan. Then here they were leading this Loving Communication seminar at GA dealing with “civility” and “communication.” Hmmmmm.

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