So a leader of a post-Christian religious organization spews blasphemy. What’s new?


This story shouldn’t surprise us. Why should we expect better from an unbeliever who makes such an ostentatious pretense at standing like a pillar in Christ’s church? The sooner we recognize that this is the behavior of scoffers outside of Christ, the better. Though I am tempted to say we can simply ignore Schori and other scornful unbelievers playing at church, I see there is one important lesson here. As I observed on a previous story, many continue to delude themselves that they are in Christ’s church when they complacently attend the false ceremonies and gatherings of institutions run by ministers-in-name-only. Why keep on listening to the preaching of unconverted people? Why have your children baptized by scornful unbelievers? Why attend sham Eucharists presided over by those who openly condemn the Almighty, His Scriptures and His people? I’ve heard reasons but none of them are good. Tradition, family connections, social respectability, a proverbial “seat at the table” (seriously?!), influence, institutions, art and architecture. I think if you read the Bible, you’d find the Lord calling you away from all that. There is an even more pointed lesson in the so-called dissenting conservatives getting the boot from their church buildings, whether they’re in the Church of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) or The Episcopal Church. It’s this. The Lord may teach you the importance of Biblical Separation through the very unbelievers to which you so want to remain united. If you won’t come out, you will be forced out. So there is really a mercy in it after all. Leave behind the things that pass away (buildings, institutions, social respectability) and cling to the things that endure.


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