More perspective on Leithart’s curious reaction to Stellman’s implosion


D.G. Hart has written a fine, succinct piece on fellows who won’t be constrained by the “traditions of men.” We’re thinking particularly of Peter Leithart and the Westminster Standards which he supposedly holds “as containing the system of doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures.” You can read Hart’s post here.

One of the many things that disgusts me about getting along in Reformed churches and denominations is the constant insinuation that a person is some kind of annoying, backward jerk if he takes the church’s official doctrines seriously. I think Hart’s piece makes the point better than I could that if you find yourself frequently asking why there are all these rigid, cold-hearted Puritans in your Reformed denomination demanding conformity to the church’s historic position, the problem is with you. Yes, you. Why it’s a sin to seek some doctrinal integrity and unity in a Reformed church is beyond me. Some intrepid, budding theologians simply prefer to take their inherently combative quest for “Reformed” latitudinarianism into the denominations where it is most likely to be poorly received (but, maybe that’s part of the point). Again, it’s bizarre that more imaginative fellows don’t take advantage of the array of doctrinally ambiguous denominations afforded by Protestantism. There’s just something attractive about those denominations that already have a distinctly Reformed position to those who are absolutely convinced that said position isn’t cutting it. The controversies currently plaguing the Presbyterian Church in America provide more than enough evidence of such a problem.


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