Some thought’s on Jason Stellman’s crisis of faith from another PCA pastor. Considering that Jason Stellman struggled with Sola Fide, it’s a shame that many of his colleagues in presbytery also don’t recognize error in justification when they see it.

Green Baggins

Jason Stellman has tendered his resignation to his church and to the PCA. I learned about this late last week while at Review of Presbytery Records. I immediately began to email him begging him not to leave. Just today I read his post and the comments that have been posted there. Folks, how can I impress upon you the importance of honey and not vinegar at a time like this? Do you really think you can prevent him from swimming the Tiber by alienating him? PRAY FOR HIM, I beg you. Yes, I have to admit that I feel as though I’ve been kicked in the solar plexus, and am still trying to get air into my lungs. But it is sorrow and love in my heart that feels this way, not spite and anger. Be angry if you wish, readers, but please do not direct that anger towards…

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